We are unique from top to bottom.  Read on to discover how we can help you and your family!

What is our culture?

"It's all about family!

What is our culture?

It's all about your family!

We have developed a firm that is focused on relationships, transparency, honesty, ethically sound advice and education.  We want to get to know you and your circumstance to meet you where you are at.  We stay current with what is happening in the legal world both locally and nationally.  Your expert advice will always be current and applicable to your situation.

We are different.

We want to help you make an educated decision in your planning.  Education is the key.  We offer a free workshop to give you the tools to decide what is best for your family and loved ones.
Everything we do is a flat-fee.  You will not receive a surprise bill in the mail.  We are here to help and guide you, not create more stress.  You know the total fee when you walk out of your first no obligation meeting with us.
We don't do "fill-in-the-blank" forms.  Everything is customized to meet your needs.  Your goals are our goals.  We help you learn your options in the free workshop and then let you choose an option that works for you in your free Vision™ meeting.  Then we have a program to help you keep your plan current to work when you want, how you want and for whom you want.  There is no firm in the state offering such personalized and comprehensive legal services.
You don't feel like you are in a law firm when you work with us.  We are casual and comfortable.  You will feel at ease from the moment you walk in through the end.  You are family to us.
We don't SELL anything.  We want to enroll you in the process.  We want you to feel engaged in what you are doing.  You are not someone to sell to, you are someone we want to help. Letting you choose the option that is best for you and your family will help you be confident that you are doing what you need to protect you, your "stuff" and your family.

It's all about your family.

Team Approach
Our relationship doesn't end after your legal needs are met.  We enroll you, your family, your professionals and anyone else you wish into a "team approach".  We find that working as a team, your family and professionals are all on the same page to meet your goals, not ours. 
This strategy helps you become proactive in your planning and not reactive during a crisis.
We have a team of professionals outside our firm that have the same culture as we do to assist you in all aspects of your life, not just your planning.
Making it Work
Our process continues after you have completed your planning, because frankly, your planning is never complete.  Families change, finances change, health changes...when those change, your plan must change with it.  This is how you make sure that your plan will always work!  
We offer ongoing assistance with your planning to keep it current as well as educational tools and workshops for you to stay current on the ever-changing estate planning laws that affect you and your family.
You will hear this over and over from us.  Your goals are our goals and your family is the most important aspect of our firm.  It truly is "all about your family"!
Find out more at one of our free estate planning workshops.  
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